Commemorative Magazine on the occasion of the Quasquicentennial celebration

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“The Good Retain, The Better Follow”

St. John's Diocesan School is a premier educational institution in the city of Kolkata for the holistic development of the girl child. For more than 100 years, young women have passed through our portals and emerged as strong capable citizens of our country. We have helped nurture young minds, instil the right beliefs and attitude, and have equipped them with the skills to carve out the future of India. The school is committed to provide quality education to the girl child irrespective of their financial status. Through the vision of Angelina Margaret Hoare, our founder, the young ladies of Kolkata, received a great chance of enlightenment. St. John’s Diocesan School has been a conspicuous torch bearer on the uneven path of women’s liberation in the true sense of the term.


This emancipation is related to the development of the mind, of the conscience, of duty and honour, of the power to distinguish the right from the wrong.These timeless principles of life have survived all changes in the existing world – tangible or intangible. We in turn are trying to hand down these eternal values to the young women of the cyber age, with the required adaptations. In our own small way we are trying to make a difference in the society by igniting their minds.





Principal's Message



St. John's Diocesan School being a heritage institution, 136 years old was started to impart all-round education to the girl child and continues in its pursuit of the same. The fundamental purpose of education is to create good human beings. Without education, the human mind is incomplete. As W.B. Yeats said “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”. Education is important for the youth as it shapes the mind. All through the year, the St. Johns' Diocesan Campus is bustling with activities always ensuring that a balance is maintained between the academics and the extra-curricular. We at Dio, aim at guiding the young Diocinnas to develop the principles of life and make career decisions instilling in them a feeling that they belong to the society and that it is their responsibility to lead it in the right path. With the falling moral standards of today, the young students are constantly guided to build their lives on right and good principles which would mould and shape them as women of character.


I believe that St. Johns' Diocesan will prosper as it continues to fulfil its motto -“the Good Retain, the Better Follow”